Analysis of the Recent Droughts and Lack of Water in Hamoon Lake on Sistan Economic Functions

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Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography Sistan and Baluchestan University, zahedan, Iran


In areas with the relative annual precipitation of less than 100 ml, shallow waters, the underground sources of water, and other flow from the surroundings play a fundamental role on socio-economic condition of the regions. In the absence of the underground resources in Sistan province, southwestern Iran,  amplified the role of Hamoon Lake. In fact, the wet and dry periods have largely influenced the socio-economical and the ecological aspects of this region. Hamoon lake consists of over 42 small islands which serves as the main food source of over 90000 cows. Besides, more than 80 villages are to a great extent dependent on this lake. Hunting and fishing is the main job in this area. Over 470000 various types of birds and more than 15000 tons of fish are hunted annually. Weaving of 30000000 square meters of mat is also a dominant job in the area. During the last 10 years the prevailing drought caused the Hamoon lake to dry up and the whole rush to be swept away. The whole socio-economic condition is significantly affected by this event. At present, not only are the inhabitants been deprived of benefiting from their natural resources, but they should also find alternative sources of income. The economical revival of the region strongly depends on the rehabilitation of Hamoon Lake. A task which to the policy makers looks almost impossible.



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